• If you are an entrepreneur you have a place in FDI
  • Make our experience of starting companies own
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FDI School is the Training Area of FDI Consulting, a company specialized in training, tutoring and funding search for new projects of the technology world.

Our dealing experience, both with entrepreneurs and investors, has showed us that entrepreneurs need not only great courage to carry out his or her project, but also training. That is why we train both entrepreneurs and investors.

Make our experience of starting successful companies your own.


FDI School is a training school set up for and by entrepreneurs, where entrepreneurship has always been in a prominent place in academic and technological work.

We invest in new entrepreneurs because we believe in their ideas.


FDI Consulting belongs to the FDI Internet&Mobile group, a company with equity investments in more than 20 technology companies, among which we try to achieve the highest level of synergy.


FDI School works both with entrepreneurs and investors. We try to find synergy between each and all of our students to share experiences, professional services and suggestions. From our global view of the market, we try to help them reach the success he or she is looking for.